Published Date : 2018-10-29

The following form the ideology of the Department:

A. Vision

Vision:  Co-operation in the life of the people, that is to say ̶

  • co-operatives will have been established at community level; 
  • ordinary farmers, artisans, workers, consumers and those in a state of deprivation will have been found involved in co-operative activities; and
  • as an effect of co-operative activities, members' standard of living will have been raised up and up beyond the national line of poverty.

B. Mission

Mission: Regulation for 'co-operativeness', that is to say ̶

  • co-operative values, principles and norms should prevail;
  • co-operative processes should be instrumental in empowering the most disadvantaged member; and
  • good governance should be maintained in co-operative societies and unions by way of members' participatory democratic control. 

C. Values

The following are the values of the Department:

  • Honesty
  • Perseverance
  • Mutual trust
  • Professionalism.
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